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Campbell Munn, Associate, Asset Management - Development

Campbell Munn, Associate, Asset Management-Development

What led you to NYCEDC?

In New York City, it’s hard to walk very far without encountering an NYCEDC project. I was drawn to apply because the projects NYCEDC leads are critical to the future of the city. Whether it’s laying the groundwork for offshore wind in New York or building out marine highways throughout the harbor, NYCEDC is always innovating. Simply put, I wanted to be a part of the organization doing so much work to make New York City more sustainable, resilient, inclusive, and even more beautiful.

How was your experience during the Summer Internship?

It’s perhaps an understatement to say my time as a Summer Intern in EDC’s PortNYC group was an exciting and productive experience. I started as an intern two weeks after completing my undergraduate Urban Planning studies at NYU and was fortunate enough to work on projects that directly related to research I did as a student. I was able to jump right into things and assist with EDC’s responsibilities as owner of the Brooklyn Waterfront Railway. Among the most gratifying parts of my time as an intern was the confidence my supervisors, and soon-to-be colleagues had in me. The PortNYC team were exceptional co-workers, helping me gain my footing as a Summer Intern while giving critical feedback and teaching me throughout the process.

How has your transition been going from an intern to a full-time EDCer?

The transition from my role as an intern to my full-time position has been very smooth. Despite moving from the PortNYC team to the Development team, the Asset Management department more broadly is very close-knit and collaborative. As such, when I began working in my new role in December 2023, my projects changed but I still work closely with many of the same people.

What’s your day-to-day role?

By the nature of my work as an intern, and even now as a full-time EDCer, I don’t think I’ve ever had two days that were alike! Working on the Development team within the broader Asset Management department, many of the department’s special projects are assigned to us. As such, I’ve assisted with the drafting of multiple Requests for Proposal and grant application submissions across the NYCEDC portfolio. Working on these projects is principally about communication, within NYCEDC, with other agency partners, and our counterparts in the private or nonprofit sector. This often takes the form of updating and circulating project trackers, organizing and leading on-site meetings at NYCEDC assets, and drafting those documents that will be needed to move the project forward.

What is your favorite NYCEDC project and why?

As my mother would say, it’s impossible to pick a favorite child. But if I had to, my work on the Brooklyn Waterfront Rail System has certainly been my favorite project thus far. The BWRS runs one of the few railcar-floats still in operation worldwide. Fully loaded trains are rolled onto a barge and floated across New York Harbor where, on the other side, they roll right back onto the rail system. This operation serves myriad customers in Brooklyn, Queens, and on Long Island, and makes the export of New York’s recycling from the Balcones facility in Sunset Park incredibly efficient and climate friendly. It would take four heavy, polluting trucks to move as much recycled material as one rail car. Knowing that improving the system has such material impacts makes the time I spend more than worth it.

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