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At NYCEDC, we share a passion for NYC and a commitment to building a sustainable and inclusive economic future. We’re looking for people who have the talent, skills, and experience to make a difference, and who are looking to do so at an organization at the nexus of the public and private sectors.

Job Openings

New Yorkers Working for New Yorkers

We’re an organization of New Yorkers—diverse in our backgrounds, experience, and expertise—like the city we represent. We’re 500+ urban planners, asset managers, marketers, lawyers, accountants, journalists, community developers, real estate professionals, engineers, policy analysts, and more—all working toward shared goals for the people of New York City:

  • Creating quality jobs
  • Promoting livable communities
  • Developing City-owned assets
  • Building essential infrastructure
  • Investing in growing industries

Employee Profiles

Meet the team behind the work.

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Ways to Work with Us

There are many ways to join NYCEDC, whether you’re a student, a recent grad, or you’re looking to make a career change:

Full-Time Positions

We’re committed to attracting, retaining, and engaging a workforce as diverse and talented as the city we serve. As a team of 500+ dedicated employees, we hire at all levels and across all fields, from communications professionals to project managers, data scientists, real estate professionals, accountants, and everything in between.


Our internship programs are open to students at all academic levels throughout the year, providing workforce and educational opportunities for emerging professionals.

Fellowship Opportunities

In partnership with the City and other organizations, we welcome recent graduates and professionals in specific industries to contribute across teams through various opportunities.

Diversity, Equity, & Social Responsibility

These words are at the core of our work around NYC and within NYCEDC, underpinning the growth, advancement, and overall culture of our team. From employee resource groups to NYCEDC-sponsored events, educational programming, to pipeline programs, mentorship, and volunteerism, we work constantly to stay current and relevant in our DES efforts.

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