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Vendor Resources

Because NYCEDC’s projects are generally funded with public funding sources, working with NYCEDC on many of our projects requires the completion and submission of certain forms and documents.

Generally, most of the forms required are the same as those required for City projects. Below are some of the common forms, along with brief descriptions. Because these forms are promulgated by City agencies, any questions pertaining to them should be directed to the issuing agency.

This is just a general overview of some of the forms which vendors must generally fill out when doing business with NYCEDC. The solicitation documents for each particular project contain more information regarding which forms are necessary.

Procurement Tips/Explainers

Before you start the procurement process, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Read the procurement documents carefully
  • Note that most projects have insurance requirements
  • Make sure to check for M/W/DBE goals on the project
  • Register your business with the City’s Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal in advance if possible


The Procurement and Sourcing Solutions Portal (PASSPort) is a database of information of vendors who do business with the City of New York. This database is maintained by the Mayor’s Office of Contract Services. Most of the information in the database comes from the questionnaires that are electronically entered into PASSPort by the vendors for certain types of contracts or when certain thresholds are reached. This is one of the tools that City agencies use in order to determine a vendor’s responsibility.

Helpful Links

NYCEDC Internal Background Questionnaire

This Form is for: Contracts under $100,000, Land Sales, Leases, Licenses, Permits, NYCIDA Projects, and any Discretionary Reviews. One of the questionnaires below should be completed, dependent upon the structure of Entity:

Internal Background Investigation Questionnaire
Internal Background Investigation for Publicly Held Companies
Internal Background Investigation for Publicly Held Beneficial Owners

Proof of Insurance

Most contracts and other agreements and legal documents require the individual or entity contracting with NYCEDC to obtain and maintain insurance coverage. We’ve included a sample ACCORD certificate, which is a common form used in the industry to show a snapshot of the insurance that a particular vendor has. You may also be required to submit actual policies or endorsements.

The contract between NYCEDC and the vendor contains the specific details about the types and amounts of insurance required for a specific project. Specific insurance requirements are set forth in the particular contract or other legal document you will be asked to sign. Please be sure to carefully review and maintain compliance with these and all other contractual requirements.

Sample Certificate of Insurance

Employment Reports

NYCEDC also requires detailed employment information for the companies we work with. These forms, and the information therein, are managed by the New York City Department of Small Business Services, Department of Labor Services. We have provided them here as a convenience and encourage you to dial 311 (in New York City) or visit NYC.GOV's Selling to Government page for more information.

Construction Contracts

Construction contracts require a Construction Employment Report. Generally, the longer “full form” is used for a Prime Contractor with a contract value of $1,000,000 or more in City Capital Funds. The “full form” is also used by Subcontractors with a contract value of over $750,000 in City Capital Funds. The “under $750k” form should only be used by Subcontractors whose total contract value is less than $750,000 in City Capital Funds. Please refer to the Construction Employment Reports instructions document to learn more about the forms.

Construction Employment Report Instructions
Construction Employment Report - full form (City or State funded)
Construction Employment Report - Subcontracts under $750k (City or State funded)
Construction Employment Report - Subcontracts over $750k (City or State funded)
Construction Employment Report - Prime or Subcontracts over $10k (Federally assisted contracts)

Non-Construction Consulting Contracts

Non-construction consulting contracts require a Supply & Service employment report. Generally, the “less than 50 employees” form should be used by companies with fewer than 50 employees, and the longer “50+ employees” should be used for companies with more than 50 employees. Please refer to the Supply & Service instructions document to learn more about the forms.

Supply & Service Employment Report Instructions
Supply & Service – Prime and Subcontractors with less than 50 employees
Supply & Service – Prime and Subcontractors with 50+ employees

Doing Business Accountability Project Forms

Local Law 34 of 2007 (LL 34) requires the creation of a database containing information about entities that do business with the City as defined by the law, and principal officers, owners and senior managers of these entities. This information will be collected on Doing Business Data Forms that are distributed, collected and reviewed by agencies, and forwarded to the Doing Business Accountability Project (DBAP) at MOCS for processing. Collected data will be used to identify entities and people who are subject to LL 34’s limitations on campaign contributions in municipal elections.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Doing Business Accountability Project at 212.788.8104 or [email protected].

Doing Business Form
Doing Business Form-Real Property
Q&A General
Q&A Real Property

M/W/DBE Forms

NYCEDC requires certain forms to be submitted in order to document and track participation on our projects. The Subcontractor Participation Plan lists all the subcontractors that will work on your project, and the Intent to Perform as Subcontractor form is required from each subcontractor listed on the Subcontractors Participation Plan. Visit the Opportunity M/W/DBE page for more information.

Procurement Planning

M/WBE Narrative Form
MWBE/DBE Participation Plan
Intent to Perform as Subcontractor form
First-Tier Subcontractor Self-Perform Statement

Payment Forms

MWBE/DBE Compliance Report
Verification of Subcontractor Payment

Good Faith Efforts Documentation

Good Faith Efforts Application