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Whether we’re tracking the evolution and growth of NYC’s economy and neighborhoods, publishing new data and innovative case studies, or analyzing the emergence of new industries, NYCEDC has its finger on the pulse across all five boroughs.

The Economic Research & Policy Group

NYCEDC's Economic Research & Policy (ERP) group performs industry and economic research to provide insights into key policy issues, conducts economic analysis of New York City projects, and tracks economic trends for policymakers and the public. ERP also helps NYCEDC evaluate projects by setting up tools to assess, measure, and report on ideation and results. The team advances high-impact thought leadership on inclusive and innovation-driven economic development.

Economic Development Quarterly

ERP publishes quarterly white papers focusing on current trends and topics affecting New Yorkers. The group takes a data-driven approach to develop informed conclusions and recommendations to foster a more inclusive economy in New York City. 

Economic Diversification, Resilience, and the Path to Inclusive Growth

The Path to Inclusive Growth

In this edition of Economic Development Quarterly, the topic is Economic Diversification, Resilience, and the Path to Inclusive Growth.

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Economic Development Quarterly
  • Women 50+ in the NYC Workforce: Tackling Economic Vulnerability February 2020

Employment Analysis Report

The Employment Analysis Report, drafted by ERP, provides a monthly update on the status of the New York City labor market through employment, unemployment, and wage statistics.

Employment Analysis Report
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  • September 2020 Report
  • August 2020 Report
  • July 2020 Report
  • June 2020 Report
  • May 2020 Report
  • April 2020 Report
  • March 2020 Report
  • February 2020 Report
  • January 2020 Report
  • December 2019 Report
  • November 2019 Report
  • October 2019 Report

Recovery Dashboards

Weekly updates on the city's COVID-19 economic recovery, covering unemployment, public transit, and mobility.

Recovery Dashboards
  • November 12, 2020 Recovery Dashboard
  • November 5, 2020 Recovery Dashboard
  • October 30, 2020 Recovery Dashboard

Economic Snapshots

Regular snapshots of the city’s economy profiling local industries in depth. Download past Economic Snapshots below. 

Economic Snapshots
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  • Volume 8, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 7, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 6, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 5, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 4, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 3, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 2, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 1, 2019 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 12, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 11, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 10, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 9, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 8, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 7, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 6, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 5, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 4, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 3, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 2, 2018 Economic Snapshot
  • Volume 1, 2018 Economic Snapshot

New York Works

Released in June 2017, New York Works is the City’s roadmap for creating 100,000 good jobs over the next 10 years. NYCEDC publishes New York Works Industry Spotlight to highlight NYC’s most important industries and showcase the City’s job-creation initiatives.

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