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Our Mission

Channeling capital budget investments into design and construction projects—in service of New York City’s economic development.

For the Economy

Our job is to provide physical infrastructure, facilities, and amenities to strengthen the City’s competitive position, and enable capacity-building investments. We currently support over 100 active municipal projects, such as:

  • Buildings
  • Cultural centers
  • Infrastructure
  • Parks
  • Piers and terminals
  • Special projects
  • Streetscapes & pedestrian walkways
  • Waterfront spaces

We help bring new spaces to life by overseeing a project’s design and construction management. We also provide specialized expertise and construction support to other NYCEDC departments and City agencies.

East River Pier 35

Pier 35. Image: (C) 2019 FRAME Photographics.

By the Numbers


Approximate design and construction projects in our portfolio

Building Relationships. Building Potential.

At NYCEDC, we value our close connection with City agencies, such as the Departments of City Planning, Transportation, Environmental Protection, Parks and Recreation, and Cultural Affairs. Many projects come to us through these agencies, as well as from the borough presidents, local elected officials, and local development corporations.

We bring our years of experience to the table, helping agencies manage their projects and navigate complex City regulations. The Capital division is a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, architects, landscape architects, and technical project support staff. It is our goal to deliver on a diverse portfolio of over 100 active projects, representing nearly $6 billion in constructionon budget and on time.

West Thames Bridge

Capital Program Brochure

Learn more about the Capital Program’s process and projects.

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Upcoming Capital Programs Opportunities

Interested in other upcoming solicitations for services in design, construction, construction management, and more? View the projects.

The High Line. Photo by Brittany Petronella/NYC&Company.

Explore NYCEDC Projects

The Capital Program is at the core of our projects around the five boroughs.