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Subcontractors and Suppliers

Network to Get Work

There are many opportunities to do subcontracting work on an NYCEDC project. Below is a timeline showing all the ways to get connected with RFP and Bid respondents during the procurement process.

Get involved early in the process to increase your chances of becoming a subcontractor on one of our projects. To be notified as soon as NYCEDC opportunities become available, please also join our Vendors List or sign up for our Development & Procurement Alerts.


Join the Interested Subcontractors List 

Indicating your interest in an NYCEDC project is easy. Simply select from a list of upcoming projects for which NYCEDC is currently seeking bids and proposals and sign up for more information. This way, prime contractors and consultants can read about your business at a glance as they’re planning how best to execute a project. For best results, read each project description or the RFP document first and then only select projects that are seeking your type(s) of services. This tool is especially helpful for those interested in joining an RFP team, which must be done well before a proposal is due.

Review the Plan Holders List (for Bids only) 

The Plan Holders List is made up of all the firms that have paid for and picked up plans for a project NYCEDC has put out to bid. The Plan Holders List can be found at the bottom of the individual Bid (IFB) project pages. If you are interested in working on a particular project, contact the businesses listed on the Plan Holders List to inform them of your interest in the project.

Attend Pre-Bid and Pre-Proposal Meetings 

Before all Bid and many RFP proposals are due, information sessions are held to provide potential respondents with the opportunity to ask questions directly to NYCEDC Project Managers. If you are interested in working on a particular project, consider attending the information sessions to network and meet potential bidders and respondents in person—the best way to establish connections. The time and location of these meetings are listed on the individual RFP and Bid (IFB) project pages. Also note that a transcript of the questions asked and answers provided at this meeting will be posted to the individual RFP and Bid (IFB) project pages.


Conduct Outreach to Bidders (for Bids only) 

Submitted bids are posted to the website shortly after bids are due. Generally, reaching out to the three lowest bidders should be sufficient to ensure that the eventual winner is aware of your interest in the project at a time when subcontracting possibilities are a foremost consideration. The order of the bidders is subject to change.

Awarded Contracts 

Contact Recently Awarded Prime Contractors 

Reach out to prime contractors who have recently been awarded contracts and let them know you are interested in working with them on a project. While it is better to reach out to prime contractors before contracts have been awarded, subcontracting opportunities may still exist if a prime contractor does not have all subcontractors in place, which is more common for larger, multi-year projects.

After a contract has been awarded, the contact information for winning bidders will be posted on the Awarded Construction Contracts and Bid Results page.

Network with Construction Management Firms 

NYCEDC often hires Construction Management (CM) firms to oversee large, complex projects or a portfolio of smaller projects that are similar in nature. These contracts provide ongoing and numerous opportunities for subcontracting as a variety of projects with staggered start dates will be performed under them. CMs hire the trades required by soliciting bids from firms on their pool of prequalified vendors. Reach out to these firms to enhance your chances of working with them as a subcontractor.

View Interested Subcontractors and Suppliers List

Visit the RFPs page and select an individual project page. Select the "View Interested Subcontractors & Suppliers" link at the top of each individual project page to view any interested Subcontractors & Suppliers.