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Connecting Communities

Launched in 2017, NYC Ferry makes travel between the city's waterfront communities a breeze. Spanning all five boroughs, NYC Ferry has enabled millions of New Yorkers to reduce their commute times and enjoy greater access to the city's waterfronts.

With 25 landings across 70 nautical route miles, NYC Ferry provides New Yorkers and visitors alike with a convenient and affordable transit option that connects communities to jobs, recreation, and each other. 

NYC Ferry

  • Provides affordable and convenient transit for communities with limited transportation options.
  • Supports growing neighborhoods.
  • Increases the resiliency of NYC’s transportation network.

NYCEDC has taken the lead on building new ferry landings, renovating existing landings, and managing the contract with the operator.

NYC Ferry Forward: A Plan for a More Equitable, Accessible, and Financially Sustainable System

At the direction of Mayor Eric Adams, NYC Ferry and NYCEDC have developed new strategies for improving the system, building on successes, and incorporating lessons from the past five years of operations.

NYCEDC reports all required financial information in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in its annual audited financial statements, including expenses incurred by and assets owned by NYCEDC in connection with NYC Ferry. You can find information about NYC Ferry's operating, capital, and other costs here.

Research and Reports
  • NYC Ferry Cost and Subsidy Comparisons
  • Citywide Ferry Study: Final Report 2013 Citywide Ferry Study Final Report.
  • 2018-19 Feasibility Study Results from Feasibility Study.

Routes and Schedules

Explore our routes to find the ferry closest to you:

Your Community. Your Voice.

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