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Academy Street and North Cove Waterfront Parks will bring over two acres of parkland to Upper Manhattan.

Resilient Green Space for Inwood

Building off the Inwood NYC Action Plan's recommendation for more parkland and recreational space for the Inwood community, this project will create two new parks—one at Academy Street and 10th Avenue and another at West 207th Street and 9th Avenue.

Both parks will connect with the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway and bring resilient green space to Inwood.

Academy Street and North Cove Sites

Academy Street (Academy Street and 10th Avenue)

A new 1.5 acre park that will connect to the future Harlem River Greenway to the south at Tenth Avenue and link to a planned esplanade to be built by the City and developers along the Harlem River waterfront.

North Cove (West 207th Street and 9th Avenue)

A new 0.8 acre park with an ecological shoreline which will connect with a waterfront public access area on the adjacent development site to the south.

Key Documents
  • Concept Review - Community Board 12 June 13, 2023
  • Community Input Meeting Presentation March 23, 2023