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Driving Discovery. Improving Lives.

The NYC life sciences community is launching dynamic new startups and leading scientific breakthroughs that are improving health outcomes and powerfully enhancing our basic quality of life. These enterprises are developing technologies that protect patients from infection, researching new therapeutic approaches to treat cancer, and creating new tools and medicines to fight currently untreatable diseases.

NYC’s life sciences assets include:

  • Nine major academic medical centers
  • ~$2 billion in annual National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards
  • 7,000+ graduate students and postdocs at universities
  • A 400 percent increase in private venture capital funding for the industry from 2016 to 2018
  • The largest biotech workforce in the country
  • Six incubators to support early-stage life sciences companies
When you talk about life sciences jobs, you’re talking about good-paying jobs consistently across the board—and that’s why we’re so focused on the growth of this sector.
Bill de Blasio

Life Sciences Industry Snapshot

By The Numbers


The City’s total committed public investment to grow the life sciences sector

Harlem BioSpace. Photo courtesy of Harlem BioSpace.
Harlem BioSpace

We are proud to be part of a community of people in New York who strive to save and extend lives.

James Flynn Managing Partner of Deerfield Management

New York City has always had a reputation for modeling the way cities and countries make progress in education, immigration, minimum wage laws…and now, scientific innovation.

Jona Kerluku LifeSci NYC Intern, Class of 2018

Leading the Way in Life Sciences Innovation

New York City is building on its existing strengths and investing in the spaces, companies, and talent that will produce life-saving cures and treatments, while catalyzing new opportunities for all New Yorkers.

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