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Home to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)—the world’s largest—the city is truly a powerhouse of global finance.

Leading venture capital firms headquartered here are investing in seed and early-stage science and technology ventures; eCommerce; enterprise software; cloud computing; financial technology; and countless other dynamic industries, proving that NYC is on the cutting edge of the 21st century digital economy.

The finance sector remains vital to NYC’s economic success and status as a nexus of global commerce. With one out of every five dollars earned in the city coming from the securities industry alone, finance continues to be a cornerstone of our prosperity and helps to power growth in every other segment of our economy.

Stock Analyst. Photo courtesy of Tetra Images/Getty Images.

NYC is catalyzing financial technology development through programs like Startupbootcamp Fintech New York and the Fintech Innovation Lab, run by Partnership Fund for New York City and Accenture. The global hub for financial services, the city is home to a wave of new investment as financial institutions pursue digital transformation.

New York’s fintech sector has grown at twice the rate of Silicon Valley’s over the past five years

Immigrants comprised one-third of the securities industry work force in New York City.

Finance Industry Snapshot


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