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Our Vision

New York City’s green economy will host nearly 400,000 jobs by 2040, becoming the anchor of a prosperous, equitable, and just future for New Yorkers.

New York City has always been a leader in sustainability. We are by far the most densely populated major city in the US with the largest mass transit system in the country. Bolstered by ambitious climate policies, the average New York City household emits one-third less carbon than the typical US household. But in 2024, demonstrating climate leadership cannot just be about our own carbon footprint. New York City is an economic powerhouse that is positioned to have an impact on a global scale.

To remain at the vanguard of sustainability and innovation, we must support a broader green transformation, while ensuring that this massive economic opportunity benefits all New Yorkers—especially communities and neighborhoods that have suffered from historic disparities and environmental injustice.

The Green Economy Action Plan sets forth a path to realizing this vision.

A female construction worker stands on a building site housing development and instructs a co-worker.

Green Economy Action Plan

New York City’s path to a continuing green transformation.

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Key Documents

The Action Plan

In 2023’s PlaNYC: Getting Sustainability Done, the City committed to creating a “comprehensive green economy industry action plan” that defines the green economy and lays out NYC’s path to seizing its opportunity. This Green Economy Action Plan, jointly developed by New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) and the Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development (NYCTalent) delivers on that commitment. It is informed by engagement with more than 100 stakeholders and partners from all parts of the green economy—including businesses, unions, workforce organizations, New Yorkers already working in the green economy, and government agencies.

The comprehensive industry and workforce action plan includes the following:

  • New York City’s vision for the green economy that integrates economic and talent development for the first time
  • A comprehensive definition of the green economy in New York City
  • The first-ever sizing and forecasting of the green economy by sectors and jobs for today, 2030, and 2040
  • Analysis of the green economy and opportunities for equitable growth
  • Actions and commitments from the City to drive robust and equitable growth
  • A call to action for private, nonprofit, and government entities, and New Yorkers

Green Economy by 2040

Workers installing green roofing in Brooklyn
Brooklyn Grange
By The Numbers


Annual green economy contributions to NYC’s GDP, up from $24B

By The Numbers


Jobs in NYC’s green economy, up from 133K

Scientists working in advanced STEM at Amogy
People scrap wood recycling with the Brooklyn  Wood reuse pilot program
Brooklyn Woods
By The Numbers


Job growth over the next two decades

Working Together

New York City will take action to mobilize, accelerate, and channel private sector action, attracting and incubating a critical mass of companies in the green economy; helping de-risk new technologies and solutions unleashed by the private sector; and developing robust, diverse talent pipelines. The private and nonprofit sectors must invest, innovate, and evolve to realize the potential of the green economy.

Join us to bring this vision to reality.


Clean Energy Academy trainee learning solar panel installation.

Catapulting the Green Economy

See how NYCEDC is supporting New York City’s Green Economy

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