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Meet the 60 diverse-led startup teams selected to participate in the Founder Fellowship in 2024. These founders are working with four operators, each with unique program offerings to support their founder cohort.

Chloe Capital

Bolder Money
Making money human
Siddharth Singh and Amy Schultz
Urban mobility made easy
Som Ray and Clement de Alcala

Dental care on demand
Tobi Bosede

Elektra Health
A next-gen women's healthcare platform on a mission to smash the menopause taboo
Alessandra Henderson and Jannine Versi

FairFare Data
Choose Your Ride
Adero Miwo and Chrisphine Ondiek

Fort Health
Opening paths to better mental healthcare for more children and families
Natalie Schneider and Shir Harel

Helping companies connect with their audiences wherever they are! Be there.
Kimberly Gray and Matthew Megenhardt

Electric Car Rentals, World-Class Experience
Micah Bergdale

Tech enabled products for better postpartum care
Sujay Suresh Kumar and Adriana Vazquez Ortiz

Test your supply before your supply tests you
Vienna Sparks and Skye Lam

Taking learning to a whole new world
Eric Tao and Edvard Ødegaard

PigPug Health
Helping children with ADHD and autism live a better live
Vitali Karpeichyk and Anna Oleshkevich

Private Packs
We make private part pain a thing of the past
Suzanne Sinatra

The Difference
On-demand therapy for in the moment issues
Bea Arthur

Bridging the gap between healthcare education and employment
Kayla Wright-Jackson and Corey Shaw

Company Ventures
Data & marketing platform for brick and mortar businesses
Jordon Durst

The First Precision Medication Platform
Athena Doshi and Gina Cocos

We're building thriving communities - one relationship at a time
Josh Roenitz and Kim Bach

Your Local AI Genius
Marvin Johnson and Tanya Frias

AI Coaching platform for personalized, bite-sized and on-demand soft skills development
Ioanna Mantzouridou Onasi and Sean Vazquez

Emotivo Health
Find your voice, find your members' wellness
Karen Lin

Helping teams change healthcare
Norma Padron

Equity Quotient
Humanizing Data. Catalyzing Growth
Perfecto Sanchez and Christina Van Houten

Fig Medical
A comprehensive prior authorization platform empowering both, doctors and patients
Florence Luna and Johanna Schneider

Government Hiring Re-imagined
Martin Rufo and Jennifer He

Carta for the film industry
Ian Grant and Bhargav Tarpara

Carta for intellectual property
Manu Stephen and Vishnu Thyagarajan

Where Action Is Currency
Becky Wang

Pioneering Care. Innovating for Mental Wellness.
Shiang Chin and Jean Leconte

Transforming parking spaces into tech-enabled mobility service hubs
Sarah Park and Jae Paik


Afterlife Ag
Don't let waste go to waste
Winson Wong and Sierra Alea

Bosque Foods
You've never tasted mushrooms like this!
Isabella Iglesias-Musachio

Better fuel through biology
Sophia Xu and Manu Pillai

Cascade Biocatalysts
Catalyzing Greener Chemical Manufacturing with Economical Enzymes
Alex Rosay

ChemFinity Technologies
Separating the world from pollution, one molecule at a time
Ever Velasquez and Adam Uliana

Decentralizing clean water access, one sink at a time
Noemi Florea

Fram Energy
Bringing the energy transition to rental homes
Charlotte Meerstadt

Keratin Nails
Nail polish made of stuff your nails are made of
Jiye Son

Mothership Materials
A climate-era ingredients company
Joanna Marini and Christine Cherbonnier

Project B
We Turn Code into Custom Clothes
Bella Baidak and Zain Abdelrazeq

Solar-powered de-icer coatings that melt ice with less salt
Jared Day and Zav Shotan

Stak Mobility
Reimagining the future of urban transportation
Diallo Powell and Santiago Rios

Turnover Labs
Dirty Carbon to Green Chemicals
Marissa Beatty

Unified Ground
The bridge to sustainable partnerships
Jamil Ellis and Jelani Ellis

Vader Nanotechnologies
Evolving a sustainable future
Trevon Gordon and Gordon Fleetwood

Visible Hands

Practice management software designed with the patient and dental staff in mind
Anthony Lewis and Jordan Maness

Your Guide to Your New Home
Daniel Jayeoba and Oyebade Adepegba 

Grow your best hair. Discover your inner lioness.
Shab Caspara

Search. Book. Pay. You're One Click Away!
Devin Abraham and Kwame Boateng

Make decisions based off data and not guesses
Amir Sigari

Night Inn
Setting the new standard in how hospitality works
Rena Ogura and Mike Wolkon

Welcome Home
Michael Odokara

Humanizing small business lending with alternative data.
Anthony Matos and Jose Rodriguez

The platform for warehouse management and freight forwarding
Lerone Savage and David Guy Brizan

The only small business wedding registry solution.
Elizabeth Wexler

Sunrise AI
Harness the power of AI to unlock equitable and unbiased access to debt
Deepak Shrivastava and Xi Palazzolo

Want to make your next tattoo happen? It's time to get Tattd
Laura Schaack

The Bridge Directory
Connecting families of color to a new standard of maternal health
Emilie Rodriguez and Guramrit LeBron

Uncaged Innovations
A biomaterials company combining the power of nature and technology to reimagine leather
Stephanie Downs and Xiaokun Wang

Work Onward
Your Job, On the Map
Holly Jooyoung Diamond

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