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Employee Profile

Reyne Hospedales, Senior Project Manager, Compliance

Reyne Hospedales

What was your first job?

My first real job out of college was my internship in Compliance at NYCEDC, but my first job was as a tennis coach in the community where I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago. It was a great feeling being on the very same courts where I learned the game and to give back to the sport and community that gave me so many opportunities.

Why was the mission of NYCEDC important to you?

Being part of an organization that strengthens the neighborhood I live in gives me great pride. Often, I think about how many NYCEDC projects add value to the lives of New Yorkers, whether it’s the transportation option offered by NYC Ferry or a small industrial company in Sunset Park being able to expand and hire local residents through our industrial incentive programs. I believe so much in the potential of this city, I am happy to play my small part to support the great work of my colleagues.

When did you join the company? What’s your day-to-day role?

I joined the company in the summer of 2013 as an intern in the Compliance department, where I supported the project managers in reviewing lease agreements and conducted outreach to companies for required documentation to satisfy compliance obligations. I also performed site visits to many of our projects throughout the city, where I had the opportunity to meet business owners and learn more about their operations and see the positive impact of NYCEDC’s initiatives on the city.

How do you relax when you’re not working?

Trying to finish the many Netflix series or PlayStation games that I’ve started. Also, I am a huge futbol fan, so my weekends are pretty full playing pickup games or in a league somewhere in the city and following my favorite team, Arsenal FC. Come on, you Gunners!

What surprised you most when you joined NYCEDC?

What surprised me the most was how passionate EDCers are about our mission. At every level of the organization, it is more than just a job. Everyone is dedicated to making the city better, which is a great environment to be a part of.

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