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Employee Profile

Charlie Samboy, Vice President

Jun 22 2015

A Bronx Tale

Call it coincidence, call it fate, but who better to be the Governments & Community Relations (GovCo) representative for the Bronx than Charlie Samboy? After all, Charlie was born, raised, and served on the community board…all in the Bronx.

Charlie’s family hails from the Dominican Republic, and he is the first generation to be born the U.S.. He says that he learned to speak English partly by watching Mr. Rogers on PBS. 

His parents always worked very hard: his dad is a livery cab driver and his mom is a home baker.

It couldn’t get any better, this a great opportunity to leave a positive impact on my community via the projects I’m working on.
Charlie Samboy
Vice President, Governments & Community Relations

Taking Off

Due to a childhood fascination with planes (one of his favorite movies is Top Gun), Charlie attended a special aviation high school in Queens and graduated with two aircraft technician’s licenses. He worked at several jobs and finally landed at JFK working nights for Jet Blue and later for Virgin, while attending Hunter College during the day. 

Charlie received his bachelor’s degree in 2009 in political science and a master's degree from Hunter in urban policy. Before graduating, he was hired as an assistant to the CFO at Hunter and also interned for Ruben Diaz, the then Bronx borough president. Charlie got his first taste of community government and he was hooked—he always wanted to be able to give back to the community. His education and his network could now help him take things to the next level.

Charlie knew about NYCEDC in college and about the different programs and initiatives we were involved in. He heard about an opening and reached out to Lusheena Warner, his former colleague, who was working at NYCEDC. After a series of interviews, he secured his position in GovCo.

With the Bronx as part of his life, the job representing his home borough is the perfect fit.