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Employee Profile

Adam Lomasney, Vice President, Transportation

Adam Lomasney, Assistant Vice President, Transportation

Why was the mission of NYCEDC important to you?

Most organizations approach transportation planning from a purely engineering lens. I appreciate that NYCEDC—as stewards of nationally significant transportation infrastructure—always connect it to the broader purpose of building stronger neighborhoods.

When did you join the company? What’s your day-to-day role?

I joined NYCEDC in 2017. I oversee aviation and freight transportation strategy. Some things I’m responsible for include administering the leases for the City’s airports, planning freight infrastructure projects, and generally troubleshooting policy matters that involve supply chain and logistics. Basically, if it flies, moves on rail, water, or axels, then I am probably somewhere on the email chain!

What’s the most rewarding part of your job? And the most challenging? (Is there a specific project or borough you enjoy working on?)

The most rewarding aspect of my job is getting to meet all the people I have the opportunity to work with across government, industry, academia, and the nonprofit world that have a stake in the projects I am part of, as well as the visits to project sites! I’m also pretty excited to see more vehicles become electrified and how we at NYCEDC can support their uptake. On the flip side, sometimes projects can take a long, long time to materialize due to the complexity and required funding.

How do you relax when you’re not working?

Frequenting NYC’s wonderful municipal golf courses, walking my dog in Astoria Park, and trying new restaurants with my significant other.

How has working for NYCEDC changed your perspective on NYC?

It’s changed my outlook on the city immensely. I had spent little time in NYC before coming to work here. I am lucky that my projects take me across all five boroughs—and not just the trendy spots. There is something about working on infrastructure projects in NYC that imparts a deep respect for all the history that has taken place here.

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