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Venture Access Alliance Members

Meet the 90+ investors who have joined the Venture Access Alliance to build a more inclusive startup ecosystem in New York City (as of February 2024).

Alliance Members

Harlem Capital Partners (Co-chair) 
Union Square Ventures (Co-chair) 
Adjuvant Capital
Able Partners 
Alpaca VC 
Aspira Capital 
BBG Ventures 
BK-XL Accelerator 
Bloomberg Beta 
Bowery Capital 
Cathay Innovation 
Centre Street Partners 
Charge VC 
Chloe Capital 
Citi Impact Fund 
City Light Capital 
CityRock Venture Partners 
Collaborative Fund 
Collide Capital
Commonweal Ventures
Company Ventures 
Divergent Capital 
Diversity VC 
Elevate Capital 
Era Funds 
Everywhere Ventures 
Fairbridge Park 
Fin Capital
FirstMark Capital 
Flybridge Capital
Gold House Ventures 
Goodlight Capital
Great Circle Ventures 
H/L Ventures 
Halogen Ventures 
Infinity Capital 
K50 Ventures 
Laconia Capital Group
Lair East Labs 
Level Up Ventures (a Hearst company) 
LionTree LLC
Lockstep Ventures 
Manhattan Venture Partners 
Max Ventures 
MetaProp Ventures 
New System Ventures 
NY Ventures (Empire State Development) 
Open Opportunity Fund 
Overton Venture Capital
Partnership Fund for NYC 
Planeteer Capital 
Primary Ventures 
Rebalance Capital 
Red Bike Capital 
Reign Ventures 
Rethink Education 
RRE Ventures 
Samvid Ventures 
Seed to Harvest 
Social Impact Capital 
SOSV (IndieBio NY) 
Soundboard Venture 
Springbank Collective 
Starta Ventures 
Story Ventures 
Streetlife Ventures 
Techstars NYC 
The 98 
The Pearl Fund 
The Venture Collective 
Third Sphere 
Thomson Reuters Ventures 
Vamos Ventures 
Visible Hands 
Vita Vera Ventures 
Waterpoint Lane 
Watershed VC 
White Star Capital 
Wocstar Capital 
Zeal Capital Partners

Join the Venture Access Alliance

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Become a member of the Venture Access Alliance to help grow diversity throughout the tech ecosystem.