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Supported Local Development Corporations

Local Development Corporation Date of Funding Amount of Funding Source of Funding Purpose of Funding
Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center Local Development Corporation 8/31/20 $135,432.15 City Council Funds Renovation of a facility to upgrade the elevators to serve production needs for tenants
NYC Business Assistance Corporation 7/3/20 $125,000 NYCEDC Providing funds for the Downtown Jamaica Storefront Improvement Grant Program

Click here for a list of funding that NYCEDC provided to local development corporations in the prior fiscal years.

The following directors, officers, and employees of NYCEDC also serve with certain local development corporations, as set forth opposite their names below(1):

Name Current NYCEDC Position Local Development Corporation(2) Current Position in Local Development Corporation Beginning date of overlap
Vicki Been Director Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation Director & Chairperson 5/14/19
    Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation Director & Vice Chairperson 5/14/19
    BNYC Director 9/19/19
    Hudson River Park Trust Director & Vice Chairperson 5/10/19
    Hudson Yards Development Corporation Director 5/6/19
    Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation Director 5/6/19
    Public Realm Improvement Fund Governing Group, Inc. Director & Chairperson 5/6/19
Jill Braverman Assistant General Counsel BNYC Assistant Secretary 9/17/13
Amy Chan Senior Vice President, Assistant Treasurer & Controller NYCLDC Assistant Treasurer 5/9/19
Marlene Cintron Director Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation President 11/10/10
Fred D'Ascoli Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer BNYC Assistant Treasurer 2/10/15
    NYCLDC President 3/18/20
Carlos Guerra Assistant Secretary & Assistant Vice President NYCLDC Assistant Secretary 4/30/13
Arthur Hauser Assistant Secretary NYCLDC Assistant Secretary 4/30/13
    BNYC Assistant Secretary 9/17/13
Spencer Hobson Executive Vice President & Treasurer BNYC Treasurer 12/13/11
    NYCLDC Executive Vice President & Treasurer 5/24/12
Meredith J. Jones Executive Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel BNYC Secretary & General Counsel 12/13/11
Pedram Mahdavi Alternate Director Hudson Yards Development Corporation Alternate Director 9/27/19
    Hudson Yards Infrastructure Corporation Alternate Director 9/27/19
    Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Director 12/19
    NYCLDC Director 9/27/19
    NYCLDC Chairperson 12/13/19
Shin Mitsugi Senior Vice President BNYC Assistant Secretary & Compliance Officer 12/13/11
Krishna Omolade Assistant Vice President BNYC Assistant Secretary 6/14/16
James Patchett President & Director BNYC Chairperson & Director 2/9/17
    Hudson Yards Development Corp. Director 2/9/17
    Prospect Park Alliance Director 2/9/17
    Public Realm Improvement Fund Governing Group, Inc. Director 10/16/17
Mark Silversmith Assistant Secretary & Special Counsel NYCLDC Secretary 5/24/12
McCosh Thayer Assistant Vice President BNYC Assistant Secretary 10/13/15
Betty Woo Director BNYC Alternate Director 5/9/18

1 Click here for information on simultaneous service on or after July 1, 2012 (i) as a director, officer or employee of NYCEDC; and (ii) as a director, officer or employee of a local development corporation, that has ceased.

2 The following abbreviations are used in this chart: BNYC (Build NYC Resource Corporation), and NYCLDC (New York City Land Development Corporation).