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New York City’s Testing Need

The success of New York City’s Test and Trace program has facilitated a safe and steady economic reopening; the City is seeking to significantly increase the availability, usability, and speed of testing to further reopen the economy in the period prior to broad distribution of a vaccine. Specifically, New York City seeks point-of-care and at-home COVID tests that can deliver results in minutes, rather than hours and that may be self-administered. There are only a handful of COVID tests that have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and are allowed in a CLIA-waived setting (“rapid tests”). However, many are in development and the FDA has recently issued guidance for at-home and over-the counter diagnostic tests.

Competition Objective

To accelerate the development and deployment of rapid tests, New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), on behalf of the City, is seeking to identify companies developing innovative molecular or antigen rapid tests that can deliver results quickly, reliably, and at scale. Diagnostic test manufacturers, suppliers, developers, and academics are invited to submit proposals per the below guidelines. Selected respondents may have the opportunity to advance product development through access to City resources. Such resources could include, without limitation, the expertise of health agencies, City-owned real estate assets for R&D and manufacturing, or contracts for purchase of rapid tests.


Download the Competition Guidelines

Increasing the supply of rapid tests is an urgent and ongoing need for the City. Find out how to submit your proposals to assist in the effort.


Final Submission Deadline is March 3rd, 2021

Alert to Changes in Competition (October 9, 2020): NYCEDC will now accept applications on a rolling basis, in two-week cycles. Applications for the first cycle will close on October 14, 2020 at 6pm EST. Subsequent cycles will close every two weeks after that point, with the new submission date updated on the competition website. Cycles will continue on a rolling basis until NYCEDC posts the final submission date on the competition website, at which point there will be one final, two week cycle for submissions. NYCEDC will also accept questions on a rolling basis and will post answers to the website by 6pm EST every Wednesday as long as the competition is open. The city intends to move quickly with the most promising submissions, so we highly encourage applicants to submit as soon as possible.


NYCEDC will accept questions on a rolling basis and an updated question and answer document will posted by 6pm EST every Wednesday as long as the competition is open. Questions may be submitted via email to [email protected].


Participants must submit digital copies of their proposals in PDF format via email to [email protected] by 6pm on the submission date of each two-week cycle. If attachments are too large to transmit via email, please include a file transfer download link in your email to transmit your files.

Please submit your response electronically by emailing your proposal to [email protected].

Selection Process

Following NYCEDC’s review of proposals, it will directly contact respondents it is interested in further assessing.

Competition Timeline

Release of Competition September 24, 2020
Question-and-Answer Response Posting

Rolling, Wednesdays by 6pm ET

Question Submission Deadline Rolling
Final Submission Deadline March 3, 2021
Download the Information Guide
  • Rapid Testing Competition Information Guide For more information on this competition, download this guide.

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