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Working with the Hunts Point community to advance resiliency on the peninsula.

Hunts Point Resilient Energy Project

Our work toward a more resilient Hunts Point is a community-led effort, guided by the Hunts Point Resiliency Advisory Working Group, convened by NYCEDC and the Mayor's Office of Resiliency (MOR).

Since the Advisory Working Group was established in 2015, members have developed resiliency priorities and provided input on project design to protect the residents and businesses of Hunts Point from the impacts of climate change. 

Read the Advisory Working Group’s Complete Recommendations.

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Hunts Point Aerial. Photo by NYCEDC.

Driven by a robust risk and vulnerability analysis, we found that different areas of the peninsula face different threats. The low-lying industrial areas, where the Food Distribution Center is located, have significant risk of storm surge and power outages from storm surge and severe heat. The peninsula’s residential areas, which are at a considerably higher elevation, are located out of the flood plain. Here, the most acute risk is power outages at critical community facilities caused by severe heat. 

By the Numbers


In federal and City funding driving resiliency efforts for Hunts Point

Reliable, Sustainable Power

The City’s Hunts Point Resilient Energy Project aims to address the vulnerability of critical industrial and community facilities by providing reliable, dispatchable, and sustainable power to Hunts Point through a combination of energy generation and storage solutions. We plan to achieve this by implementing:

  • A tri-generation microgrid that will ensure back-up power to food-related businesses in the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center (FDC) and protect a critical component of New York City’s food supply system, increasing the resiliency of the city as a whole. The microgrid will also provide year-round energy benefits, supplying electricity and chilled water to the Produce Market and hot water to the Meat Market.
  • Solar + storage at two schools in the residential area of the peninsula (MS 424 and PS 48), providing year-round sustainable energy and backup energy during emergency conditions. The solar + storage instillation at MS 424 will allow the facility to serve as a cooling or evacuation center, providing shelter, refuge, and gathering spaces for the public during extreme heat events or other emergency situations.
  • Mobile diesel generators that provide resilient power supply to other important citywide food distributors and employers in the FDC during emergency conditions.

This proposal received $20M from the federal government as a part of Rebuild by Design, the City subsequently added an additional $51M to make this project a reality.

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