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New Industry, New Opportunity

The growing offshore wind (OSW) industry has an important role to play in New York City’s move to clean energy over the coming decades. With the city committed to 100-percent clean electricity by 2040 and carbon neutrality by 2050, this requires a shift to renewable energy from many sources. Offshore wind is a vital part of this shift.

Nationally, enough offshore wind will be built in just nine years to power 10 million homes with clean, renewable energy. A new industry will be created in the US to make this happen, with the potential to equitably distribute economic benefits to workers, utility customers, and communities.

Offshore wind turbines

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The Plan: Equitable Opportunity for a Sustainable Future

Offshore Wind NYC will leverage the city’s expertise in maritime infrastructure development, world-class talent base and workforce development system, and capacity for innovation across sectors—all while centering a focus on equity.

Three Core Strategies

  • Sites and Infrastructure: Developing best-in-class infrastructure that will support the construction and operation of 12 GW of offshore wind
  • Businesses and Workforce: Preparing local workers and businesses to seize upon the opportunities that will be created by infrastructure investments
  • Research and Innovation: Promoting innovation in offshore wind to ensure that new technologies and approaches are created in New York City

This plan will enable NYC to support offshore wind projects up and down the East Coast. Further, NYC will be able to export innovative technologies and processes to advance OSW projects around the world.

Offshore Wind Turbine

Offshore Wind NYC Vision Plan

Our vision and plan to create equitable opportunity for a sustainable future.

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