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Clean, Affordable, Renewable

Solar energy creates good-paying jobs and healthy neighborhoods by providing New Yorkers with access to clean, affordable, renewable energy from local solar installers.

New York City’s solar market has seen tremendous growth over the past 10 years with more than 100 megawatts of solar energy currently online and a goal to achieve one gigawatt by 2030, creating new jobs in the solar industry citywide.

Solar EV Car Charging Station. Photo by Ed Reed/Mayoral Office of Photography.

Solar in NYC

  • NYC Solar Partnership: As a member of the NYC Solar Partnership with Sustainable CUNY and the Mayor's Office of Sustainability, NYCEDC supports the deployment of solar energy across New York City. Current initiatives include:
  • Solarize NYC: Solarize NYC is a community-based program to increase access to solar by lowering costs through group-purchase. The program was designed as a derivation of the classic Solarize model in order to meet the unique needs of New York City's residents and businesses. Solarize NYC offers short-term, local, community-led initiatives to bring together groups of potential solar customers through widespread outreach and community education. 
  • Shared Solar NYC Portal: The portal supports expansion of community-shared solar throughout the city by solving the challenge of connecting potential customers with viable solar sites built by trusted developers.
  • NY Solar Map: The NY Solar Map is a free, interactive tool available to help all New Yorkers understand the potential for solar energy anywhere in the city, as well as current deployment of solar and storage in the five boroughs.
  • Solar Resource Guides: The NYC Solar Partnership publishes a variety of resources from reports to webinars for residents, businesses, solar installers, and more.

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