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Press Release

NYCEDC Projects Over $950 Million of Economic Activity in NYC for 2024 MLB Regular Season

Apr 09 2024
Yankees Stadium Opening Day lineup

2024 New York Yankees Home Games Expected to Generate Economic Impact of $606 Million

2024 New York Mets Home Games Expected to Generate an Economic Impact of $353 Million  

NEW YORK, NY—New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today announced that combined New York Yankees and New York Mets regular home games are expected to generate over $950 million in economic impact for New York City over the course of the 2024 season.

New York Yankees home games are expected to generate an economic impact of $606 million over the course of the 2024 regular season, while New York Mets home games are expected to generate an economic impact of $353 million over the course of the 2024 regular season.

“New York City isn’t just coming back — we’re back,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “We have more than 4 million people back on our subways, our sidewalks, restaurants, hotels, and theaters are full and bustling, and New York City has recovered all of the private-sector jobs lost during the pandemic. But with baseball back, the Yankees and Mets will not only provide New York City with some of the most exciting games of the summer, but will support local businesses, create jobs, and generate nearly a billion dollars in economic impact — and hopefully, we’ll add even more to that with deep playoff runs.” 

"People from across the world travel to New York City to attend Broadway shows, tour museums, walk in our parks, hear live music, eat great food and cheer for our sports teams,” said Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development, and Workforce Maria Torres-Springer. “Just like loyal, passionate Yankees and Mets fans, I am thrilled by the start of baseball and am excited for the season and corresponding economic activity that supports small businesses and adds to the city's continued economic growth."

“Baseball season marks an exciting time of year for New Yorkers, and a great opportunity to stimulate our local economies” said NYCEDC President & CEO Andrew Kimball. “An over $950 million in economic impact will bring a massive boost to the city, helping small businesses, creating jobs, and bringing people to different neighborhoods. We wish both teams good luck and look forward to all that baseball season has to offer New York City.”

The analysis accounts for direct impacts from visitor spending, including tickets, concessions, merchandise, transportation, and lodging (for some out-of-town visitors). It also accounts for stadium employee payrolls and indirect impacts from additional spending by stadium companies and employees.

The economic impact of Yankees home games is estimated to be higher than the economic impact of Mets homes games because of higher ticket prices and higher expected attendance. While prices are based on current pricing for the 2024 season, expected attendance is based on historical averages for a normal season. 

About NYCEDC  
New York City Economic Development Corporation is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization that works for a vibrant, inclusive, and globally competitive economy for all New Yorkers. We take a comprehensive approach, through four main strategies: strengthen confidence in NYC as a great place to do business; grow innovative sectors with a focus on equity; build neighborhoods as places to live, learn, work, and play; and deliver sustainable infrastructure for communities and the city's future economy. To learn more about what we do, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.