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Please carefully read the proposal submission instructions detailed below in the "Submission Guidelines" section of this page. In addition, please scroll down to the "Key Documents" section of this page to access important required documentation, such as addenda.

New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) is seeking qualified firms to construct infrastructure and resiliency improvements at Coney Island Hospital.

Due its location, the hospital is vulnerable to extreme coastal storms and in October 2012, the facility suffered extensive flood damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy. Since then the hospital has temporarily restored the damaged areas and, working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”), have developed plans to mitigate damage from future storms and flooding.

NYCEDC, as the lead of an interagency team, is now focused on the Major Work project. The construction of the Coney Island Hospital campus project is currently envisioned to build a new resilient acute care hospital tower to be known as the Critical Services Structure (“CSS”) and to include the following work:

  • Provide on-site valet parking for 300 cars
  • Demolition of existing buildings, including Hammett Pavilion, Building 6, and various existing site improvements;
  • Renovation and selective demolition of 60,000 gross sq. feet including portions of the existing Main Building and Tower Building; and
  • Build a new permanent flood mitigation structure (s) (e.g. flood wall) around the campus.

NYCEDC is seeking qualifications for the following types of construction contractors:

Concrete Contractors Fire Protection Steel Work
Abatement Contractors Masonry Roofing and Waterproofing
Demolition Contractors Site/Civil Work Spray on Fire Proofing
Electricians Low Voltage Electrician Tile Work
Plumbers Site Fencing Flooring
Elevator Contractor Painting Windows
Scaffolding/Sidewalk Bridge Carpentry General Contractors
Mechanical – HVAC MEP Insulation Exterior Façade 
Foundation Contractors Curtain Wall Superstructure Concrete

Upcoming Projects

Location Trade(s) Needed Deadline to Submit Qualifications -
Coney Island Hospital Warehousing of Owner furnished Medical Equipment/Materials as well as Furniture and IT/AV as needed. August 27, 2020 -
- - - -

NYCEDC plans to select contractors on the basis of factors stated in the RFQ which include, but are not limited to: the firm’s demonstrated experience and expertise in the particular trade for which the firm is submitting its qualifications; the firm’s composition and experience in coordinating and implementing similar projects; the firm’s familiarity with public approvals, permitting and experience working with multiple governmental agencies; the firm’s record regarding accidents and lost work days on construction projects; and the firm’s resources available for the Project.

The Services described above will require extensive coordination and collaboration among the Construction Management firm (the “CM”) hired by NYCEDC, the other construction trades working within the Project Site, and the Project Team.

NYCEDC has contracted with NBBJ to lead the design effort for all contract documents associated with the Services. The CM will provide construction management services for the Project, including holding all construction subcontracts for the Project.

NYCEDC anticipates that initial projects will be procured in Q1 2017. Design packages will continue to be completed and released periodically with final projects’ anticipated completion in May 2022. NYCEDC will issue advertisements in the City Record and provide a notice on EDC’s procurement website ( of forthcoming design packages to be issued by the CM. Once NYCEDC posts an advertisement for a forthcoming design package, firms will have approximately 30 days to provide their qualifications in order to be considered for the prequalified list of firms who will receive the bid package from the CM.

It is the policy of NYCEDC to comply with all federal, state and City laws and regulations which prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status and other protected category and to take affirmative action in working with contracting parties to ensure certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) share in the economic opportunities generated by NYCEDC’s projects and initiatives.

Expired Projects

Trade(s) Needed Deadline to Submit Qualifications

Demolition Contractors

Abatement Contractors

November 13, 2019

General Contractors

Masonry, Carpentry

Tile Working



Ornamental Metal & Interior Glazing

Site Work & Landscaping

Millwork & Casework

Tile & Terrazzo & Stone Base

Resilient & Carpet & Resinous

Painting/Concrete Sealer

Window Treatment


April 8, 2019

Canopies, Soffits, Storefronts, Metal Panels

Drywall/Ceilings (Levels 1 through 5), MRI Shielding, Fire Shutters, Security Vault

Drywall/Ceilings (levels 6 through 10), Fire Shutters, Doors & Hardware, Toilet Partitions & Accessories

Precast Concrete


Waterproofing & Roofing

Miscellaneous Metals

Window Washing Davit System

December 6, 2018




August 7, 2018

Concrete Contractors

Site Fencing Contractors

Scaffolding/Sidewalk Bridge Contractors

Spray-on Fireproofing Contractors

Superstructure Concrete


April 3,2018

Foundation Contractors



Elevator Contractors

Scaffolding/Sidewalk Bridge

Mechanical – HVAC

Site/Civil Work

Site Fencing

Steel Work

Curtain Wall

November 6, 2017


Respondents may submit questions and/or request clarifications from NYCEDC no later than 5pm on May 17, 2022. Questions regarding the subject matter of this RFQ should be directed to [email protected]. For all questions that do not pertain to the subject matter of this RFQ, please email [email protected]. Answers to all questions will be posted by May 24, 2022, on this page.

Submission Requirements

Detailed submission guidelines and requirements are outlined in this RFQ, available as of November 17, 2016. In addition to being able to download the document above, the RFQ is available for in-person pick-up between 9:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday, from NYCEDC, One Liberty Plaza, 165 Broadway, 14th Floor Mailroom, New York, NY 10006 (between Cortlandt & Liberty streets). Responses are due no later than May 31, 2022. Please submit one (1) PDF copy and additional attachments (including signed addenda) of your proposal.

Please submit your response via electronic upload by clicking here and uploading your proposal.

When uploading your response, please submit all documents in a single zip file labelled with your company name. Please note that Chrome Browser is the preferred method to upload your electronic responses to the current procurement.


The HHC Coney Island Hospital Major Work has a Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises (“M/WBE”) participation goal of 30%. Companies who have been certified with the Empire State Development’s Division of Minority and Women’s Owned Business Development as M/WBE are strongly encouraged to apply to this RFQ. To learn more about M/WBE certification and NYCEDC’s M/WBE program, click here.

Vendor Resources

Because NYCEDC’s projects are generally funded with public funding sources, working with NYCEDC on many of our projects requires the completion and submission of certain forms and documents. Click here to register with PASSPort, a database of information of vendors who do business with NYC, learn how to obtain proof of insurance, download Doing Business Accountability project forms, and more.

Addenda + Questions & Answers
  • Addendum #1
  • Q&A February 7, 2019
  • Q&A October 26, 2017
  • Q&A September 28, 2017
  • Q&A December 15, 2016
  • Info Session PowerPoint Presentation
  • Info Session Sign-in Sheet

Have Questions?

For questions regarding the subject matter of this RFEI:

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