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*Please scroll down to "Key Document" to access the term sheet template.

The New York City Economic Development Corporation (“NYCEDC”) is pleased to release this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for a ground lease opportunity for a term of up to 18 years (or through 2040) to lease individual or multiple industrial and commercial sites at the Bathgate Industrial Park, Bronx, New York (“BIP”)

BIP is a seven-block industrial park located in the Bronx and bordered by East 174th Street to the north, Third Ave to the east, Claremont Parkway to the south, and Washington Ave to the west. In 1980 The City of New York (“City”) leased BIP to NYCEDC to spur economic development in the South Bronx. BIP is located in an M1-4 District, which permits multistory lofts with one- or two-story warehouses. Light industrial uses, wholesale service and storage facilities are permitted in the zone. 

This leasing opportunity includes the following offering sites: 

  1. Site 1 (Block/Lot 2930/12) is located at 4006 3rd Avenue and is currently vacant. It has 2 floors for a total of approximately 30,000 square feet and an approximately 10,000 square foot parking lot. The site was previously used as a medical office, post office, catering hall, and a COVID-19 vaccination site. 
  2. Site 4 North (“Site 4N”; Block/Lot 2919/5 partial) is located at 1610 Bathgate Avenue and is currently vacant. It has approximately 23,000 square feet of manufacturing space with 20’ ceilings, 2 loading docks and a parking lot. The site was previously used as a dry cleaner and a snack manufacturing/packaging facility. 
  3. Site 4 South (“Site 4S”; Block/Lot 2919/5 partial) is located at 1600 Bathgate Avenue and is currently tenanted by a day care. It has approximately 7,499 square feet and a parking lot. Please note that responses for this Site 4S must propose a day care use in compliance with the terms set forth in the RFP. 
  4. Site 5 (Block/Lot 2920/2) is located on Bathgate Avenue occupying the full block between 172nd Street and 173rd Street. The site is currently occupied by two tenants with permits expiring in October 2023. The site is currently used as a vocational school (approximately 39,401 square feet) at 1666 Bathgate Avenue and as a baking goods distribution center​ (approximately 34,999 square feet) at 1628 Bathgate Avenue. 

Please refer to the principal terms with respect to the lease of the sites in Appendix 8: Term Sheet of the RFP.    

NYCEDC plans to select one or more tenants for the sites on the basis of factors stated in the ​RFP​, which include but are not limited to: the completeness and quality of the overall response and responsiveness to RFP goals; the project feasibility; the economic offer; quality job creation; the proposed terms and modifications to the term sheet in the RFP; and the HireNYC & M/WBE Participation proposals. 

Optional Site Visit

An optional site visit session to Site 1, Site 4N, and Site 5 will be held on ​Wednesday, March 15, 2023​ at 11 ​A.M.​ at 1610 Bathgate Ave, Bronx, NY 10457. Those who wish to attend should RSVP by email to [email protected] on or before ​March 13, 2023​. 

Additionally, an optional ​site visit​ session to Site 4S will be held on Saturday, March 18, 2023, 11:30 A.M. at 1600 Bathgate Ave, Bronx, NY 10457. Those who wish to attend should RSVP by email to [email protected] on or before March 16, 2023


Respondents may submit questions and/or request clarifications from NYCEDC no later than 5 P.M. on Wednesday​, March 29, 2023​. Questions regarding the subject matter of this ​RFP​ should be directed to [email protected]. Answers to all questions will be posted by ​Thursday, April 6, 2023​. Questions regarding the subject matter of this ​RFP​ will not be accepted after 5 P.M. on ​Wednesday, March 29, 2023​, however, technical questions pertaining to downloading and submitting proposals to this ​RFP​ may be directed to [email protected] on or before ​Friday, April 21, 2023​.  

Submission Requirements

Detailed submission guidelines and requirements are outlined in the RFP, available as of Friday, March 10, 2023.

RESPONSES ARE DUE NO LATER THAN 11:59pm on Friday, April 21st, 2023.

Please submit responses in a single zip file labeled with your company name/project number 10351/project name. The Chrome Browser is the preferred method for uploading.

Please submit your response via electronic upload by clicking here and uploading your proposal.


It is the policy of NYCEDC to comply with all federal, state and City laws and regulations which prohibit unlawful discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status and other protected category and to take affirmative action in working with contracting parties to ensure certified Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) share in the economic opportunities generated by NYCEDC’s projects and initiatives. Please refer to the Equal Employment and Affirmative Compliance for Non-Construction Contracts Addendum in the RFP. 

This project has Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (“M/WBE”) participation goals, and all respondents will be required to submit a M/WBE Narrative Form with their response. To learn more about NYCEDC’s M/WBE program, visit For the list of companies who have been certified with the New York City Department of Small Business Services as M/WBE, please go to the

NYCEDC established the Contract Financing Loan Fund program for Minority, Women and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (M/W/DBE) interested in working on public projects.   Contract Financing Loan Fund facilitates financing for short-term mobilization needs such as insurance, payroll, supplies and equipment. Bidders, sub-contractors and sub-consultants are strongly encouraged to visit the NYCEDC website at to learn more about the program. 



Key Document
  • Bathgate Industrial Park Leasing RFP_Term Sheet RFP term sheet

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