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Kingsbridge Armory Emerging Developer Sign-up

Thank you for your interest in the redevelopment of Kingsbridge Armory. 

If your organization is interested in getting involved with the Kingsbridge Armory redevelopment, please complete a submission following the instructions below. 

Please note that if you complete a submission, the details you provide will be publicly available on NYCEDC’s website. Potential respondents to the Request for Proposals ("RFP") may use this information when preparing their proposals and may contact you. However, NYCEDC makes no representations about whether any potential or actual respondents will use the information to contact you, or whether your organization will be included in the redevelopment of Kingsbridge Armory. Respondents who submit a response to the RFP are not required to involve emerging development firms (“Emerging Developers”) who have submitted their interest via this platform and may, alternatively, at their discretion, involve one or more Emerging Developers who have not submitted their interest via this platform, or submit a proposal to the RFP without the involvement of any Emerging Developers. 

Guidelines to help assess whether your organization might be considered an Emerging Developer are: 

  1. Total development cost of each of the organization’s past projects is less than $30 million;
  2. Residential unit count of any past project is less than 150, and total square footage of each of the organization’s past projects does not exceed 100,000 square feet;
  3. The organization has completed construction of fewer than 10 projects within the past 10 years; and
  4. The organization has experience completing projects in New York City or other urban areas.

By submitting your interest as an Emerging Developer via this platform, your organization acknowledges and understands that your organization’s self-identification as an Emerging Developer does not constitute or imply that NYCEDC has accepted, endorsed, or verified your organization’s status as an Emerging Developer. 

Please note that there will be a delay between the date of submission and posts to the following site:

Please ensure your organization only submits its interest once. NYCEDC reserves the right to remove duplicate submissions. 

Submissions are welcomed until Friday, December 8th, 2023. NYCEDC reserves the right to amend or withdraw this submission form at any time. If, in NYCEDC’s judgement, additional time is required for submissions, NYCEDC reserves the right to grant an extension of the deadline for submissions. 

Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any technical issues related to submittal.

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