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Workforce: Empowering New Yorkers to succeed.

What really makes NYC’s economy sizzle is the diversity and talent of its people. The sheer size and breadth of talent in our workforce of 4.6 million makes this city a top global destination for companies looking to establish, grow, relocate, or expand their businesses. No matter what the job is, New Yorkers can do it.

At NYCEDC, we’re ensuring that the city retains its competitive edge and that the people of this city continue to have what it takes to succeed in a growing and changing economy. That’s why we’re investing in development and training programs across the five boroughs, both in established industries and emerging sectors, giving all New Yorkers the talent and resources to thrive.

Fullstack Academy: Strengthening NYC’s Cyber Workforce

NYCEDC has teamed up with Fullstack Academy, one of the longest-running and most successful technology bootcamps in the nation, to launch the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp—giving a diverse set of students and young professionals the opportunity to prepare for exciting, NYC-based cybersecurity jobs.

Cyber NYC Fullstack Graduation

The $7.8 million partnership between NYCEDC and Fullstack Academy is part of the City’s Cyber NYC initiative, a $100 million public-private investment to create 10,000 jobs and make New York City a global leader in cybersecurity.

Workforce Training Microgrants

The City awarded $550K in microgrants to seven joint ventures—partnerships between community-based organizations, educators, and research and consulting firms—specializing in workforce development for underrepresented New Yorkers in tech and other in-demand sectors.

The grant winners are creating recommendations for how the City can modernize and expand its workforce development initiatives, helping employers more effectively tap into NYC’s incredible talent pool.

Queens FEASTS: Boosting NYC’s Food Entrepreneurs

It’s no secret that we New Yorkers love to eat. With every cuisine in the world represented across the five boroughs, our food scene is like no other. Now, NYCEDC has partnered with Queens Library to expand the Food Entrepreneurship and Services Training Space (FEASTS) program, a culinary pre-accelerator that offers training and mentorship for entrepreneurs seeking to start or grow their food businesses. Following the success of Jamaica FEASTS, the program has doubled the number of classes from six to 12, expanding to locations in northern, southern, and western Queens. Queens FEASTS is part of the Jamaica NOW Action Plan.

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A free 12-week program that provides resources, training, and counseling to entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their food businesses

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“Ask for More” Salary Negotiation Workshops

NYCEDC is fighting to end the gender pay gap through the “Ask for More” initiative. A partnership with the American Association of University Women (AAUW) and, “Ask for More,” aims to train 10,000 NYC women in the skills they need to negotiate their salary and benefits, as well as advocate for promotions and leadership opportunities.

Closing the Gap

By The Numbers


NYC women who will be empowered by the “Ask for More” initiative


These workshops bring New York one step closer to the city we want to be—one where everyone is getting paid what they deserve.

Faye Penn Executive Director,
By The Numbers


The amount women aged 25 to 54 are paid, relative to their male counterparts

By The Numbers


The amount Latinx women are paid for every $1 earned by a white man

Fashion Manufacturing Initiative Grants: Supporting NYC Garment Production

The Fashion Manufacturing Initiative (FMI), a public-private grant program designed to support the local fashion manufacturing sector and its workforce, has awarded nearly $3.5M to 33 NYC-based fashion manufacturers since 2013. FMI grants support equipment and software purchases, infrastructure upgrades and capital improvements, relocation costs, and workforce training to help promote business growth—preserving manufacturing jobs in New York City’s fashion industry.

Fashion Manufacturer. Photo by Ian Spanier/NYCEDC.

The Fashion Manufacturing Initiative

Promoting inclusive economic growth throughout New York City’s fashion industry

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