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Commitment to Workforce Diversity & Equality

Diversity & Inclusion

NYCEDC is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer and in accordance with all anti-discrimination laws and our EEO policy, we provide equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants by ensuring an environment free of discrimination and harassment regardless of protected categories.

Diversity is every unique attribute of a person.
Inclusion is the respect and appreciation of these attributes.

NYCEDC’s Diversity and Inclusion mission is to attract, retain, and engage a diverse and talented workforce. Like the City of New York, NYCEDC knows our strength comes from each of our connected parts, making the fabric of our organization better and stronger because of our unique employees' talents.
Our Diversity and Inclusion efforts focus on promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion both within NYCEDC and across all of our external projects, programs, and initiatives.

Diversity at NYCEDC

NYCEDC employees can expect to work as part of a highly engaged, passionate, and inclusive workforce where everyone's contributions are valued and respected.
To help build an inclusive workplace culture, NYCEDC facilitates internal programs such as the Policy to Practice and Brown Bag Lunch series, and the Employee Network Groups:

  • The Policy to Practice speaker series aims to strengthen the dialogue between NYCEDC staff and external thought leaders on matters related to economic growth and development in New York City
  • The Brown Bag Lunch internal series is for NYCEDC staff members to share highlights and lessons from their professional journeys and the decisions they made that shaped their careers
  • The Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups for shared ideas and common interests outside of employees' business units in support of our diverse workforce, serving as a resource for employees, providing networking and learning opportunities to members, and promoting an inclusive work environment.

Our ERGs include Elevation (People of Color and allies), The Finer Things Club (for LGBTQ and allies), Women’s Leadership Group (WLG), and the Parents Group.