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The Network Gap

Studies show that people network with others similar to themselves, and they seek career advice from friends, family, and peers. As a result, where you grow up, go to school, and work can give you a huge advantage in gaining access to opportunity. And this disparity or “network gap,” only grows as the challenges of remote work lead to decreased in-person opportunities for professional advancement.

Further, COVID-19 has exposed and deepened pre-existing income inequities stemming from the under-representation of women and New Yorkers of color in well-paying jobs and in senior roles in organizations.

The Solution: A Digital Networking Platform, an NYCEDC initiative, seeks to decrease these disparities in networking by connecting New Yorkers across communities on a Digital Networking Platform. On this platform, established professionals will offer free, one-on-one informational “office hours” where emerging professionals can connect with them for mentorship, coaching, and network-building.

Public Solicitation

To achieve these goals, NYCEDC and are soliciting partners who can serve as the following for the creation of the platform:

  • Technology Partner(s): Technology partner(s) to provide in-kind services for the creation, maintenance, and continued usage of the platform.
  • Sponsor Partner(s): Sponsor partner(s) to provide one or all of the following: funding for the scaling and continuation of the program, volunteer advisors, and/or marketing and positioning of the platform. Digital Networking Platform Solicitation

Download the Solicitation

Learn more about submitting a proposal and how to help close the network gap in NYC.


Solicitation and Project Timing

Release of Solicitation December 7, 2020
Submission Deadline

Rolling through February 26, 2021

Target Pilot Date Q1 2021
Target Platform Go-Live Date Q2 2021


Potential respondents should address questions to [email protected] by February 26, 2021.


Detailed submission guidelines are outlined in this solicitation, available as of December 7, 2020. Click here to download a copy.

Responses will be considered on a rolling basis through February 26, 2021. Proposals shall be labeled “Digital Networking Platform Solicitation,” and uploaded below as a single zip file with this title.

Please submit your proposal electronically by clicking here.

Download the Solicitation
  • Digital Networking Platform Solicitation Learn more about how to submit a proposal.