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Directing, mentoring, and investing in CyberNYC entrepreneurs and startups

The cybersecurity industry is growing, with global sector spending estimated to reach $170B in 2020—and NYC is poised to become the next global hub of the cybersecurity industry. With 100+ cybersecurity firms, $1.2M in cybersecurity VC funding, and 6,000 employees already in the cyber ecosystem, the city has all the ingredients for long-term success.

By the Numbers


Cybersecurity VC funding for NYC in 2017

As an investor, you can provide direction and mentoring to new entrepreneurs and startups working in this critical and growing sector through opportunities such as:

  • Startup pitch nights
  • Investor office hours
  • Guest speaking events

We are partnering with the NYC cybersecurity investment community to help emerging companies match with the investors and VCs they need in order to bring their ideas to market.

The Scalarator

Operated by JVP (Jerusalem Venture Partners)
The Scalarator is a best-in-class startup accelerator, focused on growth. Up to 10 startups will be selected for the program annually, with each cohort receiving mentorship and support from JVP’s senior leadership, subject-matter experts, experienced cybersecurity executives, and entrepreneurs.

Startups that intend to establish themselves in NYC within 12 months of acceptance to the program will have the opportunity to participate in the “Scalarator” program, and receive advice on:

  • Tailored programs and plans
  • Strategic planning
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Recruiting
  • Financing

Investors have the opportunity to serve as VC-in-Residence for the scalarator, while participating in pitch nights, investor office hours, and Q&A sessions with entrepreneurs in the program.

NYCEDC and Jerusalem Venture Partners Launch Accelerator Program Positioning New York City as the Global Capital for Cyber Innovation

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Interested in sponsoring the accelerator program? Get in touch with Columbia JVP at [email protected].

The Global Cyber Center

Operated by SOSA
The Global Cyber Center offers annual curated events, bringing together key corporate, investor, startup, government, and global cyber stakeholders. Programs include corporate open innovation, government and startup landing pads, proof-of-concept workshops, networking events and professional sessions.

Columbia Tech Ventures Inventors to Founders (I2F) Initiative

Operated by Columbia University - This program is not currently active
I2F was designed to launch new, university-affiliated cybersecurity startups and commercialize cutting-edge academic research. The program was open to all students, faculty, and alumni from the consortium of Cornell Tech, CUNY, Columbia, NYU, and Fullstack Academy. It connected:

  • Pre-seed cyber startups to capital, grants, mentorship opportunities, and leadership networks
  • Members of the academic community with the operators and entrepreneurs who could take their ideas to market