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Solutions to Today’s Business Challenges

At NYCEDC, we know that businesses face unique challenges when it comes to location decisions, including recruiting talent, finding the right customer base, securing space, and accessing capital. In this economic climate, businesses need a guide to help them navigate the location process more than ever.

That’s where the Business Development team at NYCEDC comes in. We can help you establish the critical connections you need to succeed in the diverse NYC business ecosystem.

    Central Park, New York City

    NYC is a melting pot like no other, with the scale, space, talent, and imagination to help you hit the ground running.

    Your NYC Business Partner

    The Business Development team can guide you through every step of the expansion or relocation process, offering solutions and guidance to help your business find its home in the five boroughs and establish your business network.

    Columbus Circle

    NYC: A Capital of Global Business

    Whether you’re a major multinational or a startup, NYC offers limitless opportunities for growth.

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    Our Services

    The Business Development team offers a range of services designed to help you hit the ground running in NYC:

    • Site selection support, including to over 64M square feet of property directly managed by NYCEDC that can be leased below-market
    • Access to talent and workforce development consultation to help you build your talent and recruiting pipeline in NYC
    • Financial incentives analysis
    • Access to economic data, custom data requests, and wayfindings for companies doing location analyses
    • City and state agency navigation
    • Comparative market analysis
    • Ecosystem connections to industry associations, local chambers of commerce, and business improvement districts (BIDS)
    • Targeted industry programs like CyberNYC and LifeSci NYC
    • Connections to over 50 City, state, and federal finance solutions and incentives for nearly every sector
    • International trade support through connections to international trade organizations
    Your NYC Business Roadmap
    • Business Incentives Guide
    • Business Resource Guide

    Find Your Connection

    The Business Development team has the experience, relationships, and expertise to help you navigate the NYC ecosystem and find your place. You’ll never have to go it alone.

    Expanding or Relocating Your Business to NYC?

    Neighborhood-based retail and small businesses: Contact our SBS solutions center for one-on-one support.

    Medium-to-large businesses: Contact our Business Development team for one-on-one support.

    Meet the Team

    Daniel Clark Daniel Clark

    Daniel Clark serves as VP & Director of Business Development at NYCEDC, where he oversees business attraction, retention, and expansion. Dan also has a background in community development, including former roles as the Executive Director of the Staten Island Business Outreach Center and the Forest Avenue Business Improvement District. Contact Daniel.

    Youcif Almegaryaf Youcif Almegaryaf

    Youcif Almegaryaf has been an AVP on NYCEDC’s Business Development team since January 2019. He has a wide-ranging economic, infrastructure, and business development background across the public and private sectors. His focus industries are life sciences, finance, insurance, real estate, tech, and manufacturing. Contact Youcif.

    Lia Manos Lia Manos

    Lia Manos is a Project Manager on NYCEDC’s Business Development team. Her experience includes working with CBRE’s Investment Properties Institutional Group and with Alexandria Real Estate Equities. She has also worked for the North Carolina Department of Commerce, marketing apprenticeships across the state. Her focus industries include green economy, gaming, and offshore wind. Contact Lia.

    Contact the NYCEDC Business Development Team