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Meet Namisha, an IN2NYC Success Story

Oct 03 2017

Today marks the opening of the third application period for the International Innovators Initiative (IN2NYC), a City-led program that helps international entrepreneurs expand or relocate their businesses to New York City by facilitating collaborative partnerships that qualify them to apply for cap-exempt H-1B visas.

Meet one of IN2NYC’s first H1-B recipients, Namisha Bahl, the Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Mogul, an award-winning online platform that connects women worldwide, enabling them to share information and access knowledge from each other. In addition to providing quality content geared towards women, Mogul has partnered with dozens of organizations to support women’s initiatives such as expanding access to education and jobs for all women.

Mogul Startup

Originally from India, Namisha applied to the IN2NYC program to help contribute to the growth of a company she is passionate about. She has said that the success of her company is due in no small part to New York City’s place as a hub for both media and advertising, which allows her company to develop close relationships with media investors. The city’s large talent pool of skilled labor also provides Mogul with a sustainable source of employees that are crucial to Mogul’s expansion.

Interested in IN2NYC? Prospective IN2NYC participants can submit an application for the program online from now until November 14, 2017. To apply or to learn more, please visit