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On the Sunnyside Yard, Part 5: Findings from the Second Public Meeting

May 06 2019
Sunnyside Yard Meeting 2, Photo by Kreg Holt

As the City of New York and Amtrak, in collaboration with the public, the Steering Committee and the interagency team, continue a master planning process to explore the future of Sunnyside Yard in western Queens, review the highlights of our second public meeting.

By the Numbers


Number of New Yorkers who attended the March 26 public planning meeting to add their feedback

Representatives from City Hall, Amtrak, and the Sunnyside Yard Steering Committee were in attendance to discuss the importance locally, citywide, and regionally of creating a long-term plan for the future of Sunnyside Yard. The presentation focused on themes heard throughout the community engagement to-date like open space, green infrastructure, job creation, affordable housing, and street network connectivity. The presentation is available here.

Sunnyside Yard Planning Meeting Video

Watch a recap of the second Sunnyside Yard public planning meeting

After the presentation, the public joined for interactive discussions and workshops focused on areas for tangible input like urban design, transportation, and open space—identifying and exploring wants and needs for the community.

In these activities and discussions, participants shared many ideas on how Sunnyside Yard could better serve their communities. Here are some of the key takeaways from their feedback:

  • Design a community where buildings, streets, and public spaces fit seamlessly with surrounding neighborhoods and matches the differences between the existing neighborhoods
  • Pilot innovative green infrastructure for the sustainability of Sunnyside Yard and the surrounding communities
  • Invest in transportation technologies and tactics that will improve connectivity and lessen commute times
  • Build and preserve truly affordable housing for new and existing residents of Western Queens
  • Create open space that is readily accessible to residents on all sides of Sunnyside Yard
  • Provide community facilities that address the diverse needs of surrounding communities

Thanks to the many attendees who participated, there is a wealth of feedback from this meeting. This feedback will be incorporated into the planning process. To read more, see the meeting’s full summary here.

This public meeting is just part of a continued conversation about the future of Sunnyside Yard. Learn more about the Sunnyside Yard master planning process here, and join us at future public engagement events.