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As the Brooklyn Army Terminal Turns 100, Glimpsing the Future of Industry in NYC

May 31 2018

The industrial campus in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, celebrates the past 100 years and leads the way toward the future of industry in New York City.

In May 1918, the federal government broke ground on a 4-million-square-foot military facility on the Sunset Park waterfront. This became the Brooklyn Army Terminal, which served the country for decades as a supply base and an Army headquarters during World War II, helping to deploy troops and supplies to battlefronts across the globe. By the 1960s, the terminal reached the end of its military service and, in 1981, the City purchased the facility to transform it into a place where local manufacturing and industrial businesses could thrive.

Now, 100 years after ground was broken—and after nearly 40 years of City ownership—the Brooklyn Army Terminal is one of the most innovative and accessible industrial campuses in the world—home to over 100 local businesses and thousands of good manufacturing jobs.

As the Brooklyn Army Terminal looks forward, its transformation continues, cementing the campus’s status as the center of industrial innovation in New York City. This is being achieved through a series of efforts:

Delivering Affordable Industrial Space

  • Unlocking 500,000 square feet of affordable industrial space for over 1,000 jobs
  • Launching the campus’s largest Micromanufacturing Hub cluster, with 55,000 square feet of dedicated space for small industrial businesses to grow within the campus
  • Completing the renovation of the Food Manufacturing Hub for small food manufacturing firms

Connecting Communities and Businesses

  • Kicking off a summer of new arts, culture, and community programming, leading up to the Brooklyn Army Terminal Birthday Block Party

Creating an Open, Publicly Accessible Campus

  • Completing new landscaped public space open to local residents and employees
  • Unlocking waterfront access and connectivity to transit
  • Bringing new food retail options to the campus

Fueling Industrial Innovation

  • Activating underutilized space to bring new manufacturing and distribution uses to the campus
  • Leveraging rooftop space to launch a community solar garden for Sunset Park residents and businesses
  • Using the campus as a testing ground for new smart building technologies

Launch Pad: A Hub for Talent, Innovation, and Entrepreneurs

Launch Pad, the Brooklyn Army Terminal’s new workforce development and innovation center, is creating an ecosystem of opportunity through four distinct, yet connected efforts:

  • Base Camp — a new tenant conference center and networking lounge will help tenants scale their businesses through speaker series, industry events, and B2B networking
  • BAT Training Lab — a new training center leveraging partnerships with local nonprofit and citywide academic partners, such as FIT, to equip residents and employees with modern skills
  • Workforce1 Industrial & Transportation Career Center — continue strengthening the pipeline of local talent and connecting that talent to hiring needs through the existing on-campus Workforce1 Center
  • Futureworks Advanced Manufacturing Center — opening a 20,000-square-foot advanced manufacturing center for entrepreneurs and small businesses to access high-tech equipment to launch and grow companies on campus

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